Each sub-group is chaired by an Executive Committee member who facilitates the sub-group and reports back to the Executive.

The sub-groups of APCP are:

SG 1 – Finance/IT 

SG 2 – Accreditation

SG 3 – CPD/Communications

SG 4 – Ethics & Professional Standards

SG 5 – Editorial


SG 1 – Finance/IT – Chair Alan Galvin

The purpose of the IT and Finance Sub-Group of APCP is to:

  • Oversee the implementation of finance/IT actions identified in APCP’s strategic plan.
  • Ensure that adequate funding is available so that APCP remains viable and sustainable.
  • Monitor the quarterly financial reporting.
  • Approve and monitor IT developments including web design.

This sub-group is responsible for the financial management functions delegated by the Executive.


SG 2 – Accreditation – Chair Jim Meaney

The specific purpose of the accreditation sub-group of APCP is to:

  • Oversee the implementation of the agreed policies on accreditation for APCP and to advise on same.
  • Report to the Executive in relation to accreditation decisions.
  • Revise documentation and application forms where policies have been amended.


SG 3 – CPD/Communications – Jim Meaney

The purpose of the CPD/Marketing Sub-Group of APCP is to:

  • Develop a calendar of events for APCP in relation to continuing professional development.
  • Ensure that CPD courses are delivered and quality ensured.
  • Design and oversee the delivery of a programme of CPD events in association with the administrator.
  • Make recommendations to the Executive in relation to potential opportunities for improving the public knowledge of the Association and its role in promoting best practice in the fields of professional Counselling & Psychotherapy.
  • Solicit feedback from members for course recommendations.
  • Ensure opportunities that exist and are utilised to communicate with the general public.


SG 4 – Ethics & Professional Standards – Jim Meaney

The purpose of the Ethics and Professional Standards Sub Group of APCP is to:

  • Promote Ethical practice across the Association and through the membership.
  • Consider allegations/complaints relating to breaches of the professional and or Ethical standards of members set out in the Association’s Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Make recommendations to the Executive in relation to disciplinary matters.
  • Develop and review policies related to the maintainence of professional standards.


SG 5 – Editorial – Finbar Chambers

The purpose of the Editorial Sub-Group of APCP is to:

  • Oversee the editorial function of APCP in terms of production of quarterly bulletins and to issue press releases as is appropriate.
  • Advise on policies relating to how APCP members may appropriately engage with the media, or use APCP logo etc to promote their work.


The Executive supports the development and enhances the work of the sub-groups. It also conducts an independently facilitated annual review and planning session to this end. The Finance/IT, Accreditation, Ethics and Standards committees are formed by Executive members only, while the CPD/Communications and Editorial Committee includes representatives other than the Executive.