Persons who have completed a relevant undergraduate degree in Counselling are eligible for pre-accredited membership with APCP if they are actively working towards accredited status. Currently APCP accepts applicants with a Level 7 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications. All applicants who have enlisted in undergraduate degree programmes in Counselling commencing September 2014 on will, however, be required to have completed an undergraduate programme at Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Applicants must demonstrate they have achieved the following within their studies:

    • A minimum of 100 hours of supervised individual or group client work during their course.
    • A minimum of 400 hours of counselling/psychotherapeutic practice including personal development/personal experience (which may include engagement in training analysis, and processes of self-reflection, personal therapy or personal experience).
    • Provide evidence of having engaged with Clinical Supervision at a ratio of 1:8 hours with an Accredited Supervisor during training (preferably accredited by APCP).

Please note that there is an administration charge of €40 to process your application – payment must be forwarded with your application, cheques/postal order made payment to APCP.

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