Psychotherapy training is undertaken for a minimum of four years at Masters level (Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications). That training will require completion of a Masters programme in the relevant area or modality of Psychotherapy. Masters Programmes may vary in duration, and experiential learning may be undertaken as part of or at Masters level outside of a formal programme of Education. So within that context, applicants who are within that Cycle of Training are considered Pre – Accredited Psychotherapists within APCP.

Please note that there is an administration charge of €40 to process your application – payment must be forwarded with your application, cheques/postal order made payment to APCP. Please note that applications will only be accepted on 2021 forms returned by email only. Payment of processing fee is via EasyPay which will be invoiced on receipt of your application. Forms submitted on outdated application forms will be returned for updating on relevant application forms at applicant’s expense.

Pre-Accredited Psychotherapist Application Form – Download Here

Pre-Accredited Counsellor Application Form – Download Here