Applicants applying for supervisory membership:

  • must be qualified in the field of counselling and/or psychotherapy to a minimum of Level 8 in the case of Counselling and Level 9 in the case of Psychotherapy;
  • must be an accredited practitioner in their field of practice for a minimum of three years and have engaged in a minimum of 1200 hours of post accreditation work in the fields of counselling or psychotherapy as appropriate; 
  • must have undertaken a minimum of 150 hours of supervised counsellor/psychotherapist practice post-accreditation; 
  • must have a minimum of 60 hours supervisory practice undertaken over a two year period and be able to verify their on-going participation in continuous professional development.

Please note that there is an administration charge of €40 (If submitting certificates verifying the successful completion of a recognised qualification  in the area of Supervision ( to a minimum of Level 8 or equivalent on the NFQ),  or a fee of €300 if Supervisors (with no qualification in supervision) are requested to write and submit a reflective journal for assessment purposes.  (See Section 4.3)

  • Please download the forms you require here.