Jim Meaney- Chairperson

Dear members,

It is my great honour to welcome you to the Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapist’s Website. APCP has its origins in the former National Counselling Institute of Ireland which was established in 1999. It was re-constituted as APCP in 2010 to promote Mental health through creating a centre of excellence by identifying, developing and maintaining professional standards. The core reason for our being is to promote best practices and to aid the development of the professions through leadership and collaboration, supporting and assuring as far as practicable high professional standards for the safety of all clients.

APCP envisages a professional climate where counselling and psychotherapy contribute positively to clients’ growth and well-being and to society as well as the resolution of complex challenges in clients’ lives. Our commitment as an organisation is to provide vision, innovation and leadership in the professions of counselling and psychotherapy through high standards and ethics of practice among members of APCP.

I encourage you to familiarise yourself with our CPD courses and events and contribute to the growth of our professional association.

I truly hope that the experience and efforts of members provide great contribution for the success of APCP and the profession.  I look forward to seeing you at various events.

Is mise le meas

Jim Meaney

Chair APCP