Membership occurs across two main Divisions, namely a Counselling Division and a Psychotherapy Division. In order that applicants may attain full accredited membership of the Association they are required to have obtained a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Counselling in the case of Counselling membership and a minimum of a Masters Degree in a Psychotherapy related area in the case of the Psychotherapy Division. In both cases applicants must, have built up a clinical practice under supervision and are required to engage in on-going continuous professional development to ensure their skills and knowledge meet the exacting standards as set down for each of these emerging professions.

It provides potential clients information on registered counsellors and psychotherapists working in their locality and the type of supports available to them.

The Association is actively involved in the Psychological Therapies Forum and members are actively involved at a national level with other professional activities supporting the development of professional standards in both fields of practice and we are actively collaborating with other Associations in relation to equitable recognition of practitioners and to the adherence of standards within the profession in accordance with the anticipated statutory regulation of the professions.

Our Purpose

The main function of the APCP is to act in the best interest of professional practice, and to try to ensure professional standards in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy and through that to protect the public through the establishment and maintenance of these standards.

Our Vision

APCP’s envisages that it will be a membership association that acts in the interests of the public and contributes positively to clients’ growth and well-being and to society in domains of counselling and psychotherapeutic practice.

Our Mission

APCP’s Mission is to:

  • Provide vision, innovation and leadership in the professions of counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Ensure best practice standards in practice, service and ethics among APCP members.
  • Influence development and policies in counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland.
  • Promote collaboration with other bodies in relation to the promotion and maintenance of mental wellbeing.

Aim & Objectives

To advance our Vision and Aims, APCP’s Objectives are:

  1. To be innovative leaders in the field of counselling, psychotherapy and supervision.
  2. To establish a high level of CPD courses that will enable members to raise their level of competency.
  3. To communicate key messages in order to influence decision makers concerning counselling & psychotherapy and supervision.
  4. To ensure adherence of the profession to a high range of ethically based counselling & psychotherapy and supervision services.
  5. To Influence, develop and promote the highest ethical standards in the counselling & psychotherapy and supervision profession.
  6. To establish a high quality assurance systems for counselling & psychotherapy and supervision.
  7. To increase and expand the access for clients and counselling based agencies (EPA) to relevant and highly qualified and trained Counsellors, Psychotherapist and Supervisors who aspire to become expert in the knowledge and information in their field.
  8. To ensure that all members are Garda vetted to protect clients.

Strategic Plan

  • Review and strengthen existing governance structures, policies and procedures,
  • Increase level of membership and strengthen member’s engagement with APCP,
  • Ensure the on-going and continued financial sustainability of APCP,
  • To position APCP as an influential national body for counsellors and psychotherapists.