APCP seeks to advance the creation, communication and application of counselling and psychotherapy knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.

The benefits of joining APCP are as follows:

  • Maximize your Professional Development (CPD courses)
  • Stay ahead of the educational learning curve with seminars and courses of current day topics.
  • Advocates for the counselling care of tomorrow – protect clients
  • Expand your networking connections – members and other organisations.
  • Be part of a leading professional organisation that is focused on representing the counselling profession.
  • Using Technology (Internet & Smart phone) to reach clients

 The Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists is a dedicated professional body committed to the on-going development and improvement of the standards of practice of its members in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy. Its standards, set down for each of these emerging professions recognises the shared components of practice, acknowledges the shared continuum between both fields, yet distinguishes and also protects, within the Association, the use of both titles distinguished by their differing domains and scope of practice.

The standards set for both professions are built on international conventions and norms and reflect the recommendations of the Psychological Therapies Forum to Government. In this context APCP sets out to engage and contribute to the development of professional practice and, to strengthen the competence of the membership body, acknowledging and drawing on its’ diversity – which it sees as a strength.

APCP works at a strategic level to engage in mutually beneficial initiatives focussed on promoting and enhancing services within the fields of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

APCP seeks to engage in new and innovative practices, informed by research and evidence based practice to enhance and, to ensure the professionalism of services offered by APCP members within the fields of counselling and psychotherapy. The Association actively requires members to hold recognised academically and professionally accredited qualifications at a minimum of Bachelors level for Counselling members and Masters level for Psychotherapy members. We believe it is the only Professional Association with both Counselling and Psychotherapy members to require such standards in Ireland.

APCP has two membership categories, namely Counsellor Members and Psychotherapy Members (across the full range of Psychotherapy Modalities). Within these two membership categories, there are a range of membership levels, which are generic across Counselling and Psychotherapy membership types. In this context students, those working towards professional accreditation – referred to as ‘pre-accredited’ members, accredited practitioners and members of the wider community are able to engage, draw from and, contribute to their own and the Associations growth and development. Membership is open and free to those interested in pursuing their personal and on-going development within the professions of Counselling and/or Psychotherapy.

Members are required to engage in a minimum of 1 APCP CPD activity within each year of membership. The running costs of the Association are funded through these activities. Members also have the opportunity to influence the development of the Association through their active participation in the on-going work of APCP, which is run on a voluntary basis by its members and for its members and the professional practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy.