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When to appeal?

If your application for accreditation as a counsellor/psychotherapist or supervisor has not been granted, you have the right to appeal against this decision.


There are two positions upon which you can appeal the decision:

  1. That the assessment procedure or process has not been correctly adhered to;

  2. Your application has not been properly assessed against the published criteria.


Please note that any disagreements with the accreditation committee’s decision or submission of new information are not grounds for appeal.

APCP – Appeal Process

  1. You must submit your appeal in writing within 10 days of date letter was posted informing you of the decision of the unsuccessful application.

  2. You should write and send your appeal care of the accreditation committee in APCP.

  3. Your appeal must be specific as to the ground of your appeal.

  4. Representations or correspondence from 3rd parties will not be accepted.

What happens next?

Acknowledgement of receipt of appeal will be sent.


The Accreditation committee will receive the appeal and application and appeal documents. The accreditation committee advise on their ruling and you will be notified of same along with a copy of their report.


The decision of the accreditation committee is final.


If your appeal is successful this does not necessarily mean you will become accredited – it really depends on what your appeal is about and what the findings of the panel are. We will let you know what it means for you when we send you the outcome of the appeal.

Please Note: Unsuccessful application does NOT preclude from application the following year. If you do apply again, remember to tell us about this on the application form and send copies of any letters requested. This will be treated as an entirely new application.

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