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The Benefits

  • Recognition of your educational and practical experience in the field of counselling and/or Psychotherapy.

  • Garda vetting of members every three years.

  • Representation of members’ views and opinions on upcoming statutory registration.

  • Representation of members’ views and opinions within the Psychological Therapies Forum.

  • Access to a range of national seminars on Counselling and Psychotherapy.

  • Access to a range of support services in relation to profession practice.

  • Comprehensive range of Continuing Professional Development training and workshops designed to support individual practice.

  • Peer networking supports for members.

  • Membership is free to all qualified applicants, while CPD events are run at a low cost to members.

  • Access and support to work within APCP’s code of conduct and its code of ethics.

Categories of Membership

  • Student

  • Pre-Accredited Psychotherapist

  • Accredited Counsellor

  • Accredited Psychotherapist

  • Supervisory Membership

  • Pre-Accredited Counsellor

Application Process


The accreditation committee meets throughout the year to advise the Executive on recommendations for membership. On receiving your application, an initial screening is undertaken by the administrator to check that all component parts of the application form have been forwarded for processing and you will be advised on this.


Further down to mentions (see Appeals Procedures under Policies and Procedures)

Your Application will then be assessed by an individual appointed by the appraisal committee and recommendations forwarded with your application for final consideration. In the event that information is considered incomplete at this stage, you will be duly advised of this prior to it being forwarded to the accreditation committee for their decision.

In the event of your application being refused you have the right to appeal within a ten day period (see Appeals Procedures under Policies and Procedures). Where applicants are refused membership they may not re-apply for membership for a 12 month period from their refusal date and must advise APCP of their former decision.


When applying to APCP for membership you are required to pay a processing fee as follows:


Student €25


All other categories €40 * (*Supervision applicants please see individual form for more details.)


Please note that this fee is solely for processing purposes and is non refundable.

Annual Renewal of Membership

  • APCP members are required to renew their membership of the Association on an annual basis. For administrative purposes this occurs in January.  This applies to all members, EXCEPT those approved as members in the final three months of the preceding year.

  • All members are required to forward €200 by January 31st of each year to cover their CPD expenses.

  • Where a subscription or a renewal form is not received by 31st January members will be considered as ‘non active members within the association’. Where such ‘non-active’ members seek to re-activate membership a processing fee of €100 will apply.

If you are looking for the latest CPD brochure, please see here

Policies and Procedures (click on the item of your choice)

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