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APCP’s commitment to Equality and Diversity is reflected in our core values and we are committed to equality and diversity in all its activities.

Members are expected to work within a context where due respect is afforded to clients, colleagues or members of the wider community who are culturally or socially different, as well as those who differ in terms of areas such as:

  1. Race and ethnic origin,

  2. Gender,

  3. Ability/Disability,

  4. Mental health status,

  5. Sexuality or sexual orientation,

  6. Age,

  7. Religion and belief,

  8. Additional learning needs and

  9. Economic and social needs.


Members are expected to:

  1. Uphold the principles of equality and show respect and dignity to others.

  2. Actively promote equality by valuing and respecting differences between people.

As an Association, APCP is equally committed to:


  1. Investigate all allegations of discrimination sensitively.

  2. Monitor its policies, procedures and practices to ensure they are free from discrimination and respond to the needs of the wider community.

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