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Faq 1: What are the origins of APCP?

APCP has its origins in the National Counselling Institute of Ireland (NCII). NCII was founded in 1999 and similar to other professional bodies originally had two strands. It originally combined the functions of educational provider and professional body.  In 2010, it was decided to split these two functions and this resulted in the renaming and reorganising of the professional body as APCP.


Faq 2: How is APCP structured?

APCP is a limited company with charitable status. APCP has a Board of Directors and an independent Executive Committee.


Faq 3: Is APCP a recognised professional body?

Yes, APCP sits on the Psychological Therapies Forum and has contributed to the development of work undertaken within this forum to advance standards and the regulation of practice of counsellors and psychotherapists within the profession.


Faq 4: Who is eligible to join APCP?

Anyone who is currently studying counselling and /or psychotherapy at third level on the Island of Ireland or is in practice having completed a third level qualification in the fields of counselling and/or is eligible to join if they meet the requirements noted under the different categories of membership and are approved to practice by the National Vetting Bureau.


Faq 5: How do I become a member?

You can download an application form from the website or alternatively you can speak to our administrator who can email it.

Faq 6: How long does an application take before a decision is finalised?

APCP’s accreditation committee meet four times per annum. Applicants can expect a decision approximately two weeks after this committee has met and once the decision has been verified by the executive. (see Appraisal sub committee meetings for dates).


Faq 7: What are the costs of membership?

Currently members (other than students) are required to submit €190 per annum which covers €40 administration charge and 2 CPD events, one of which is compulsory.  Students may choose to participate in a select number of CPD training events at a substantial reduction in cost.

If you have any other questions or we have not been able to answer your question in our FAQ, please contact us.

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