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The Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapist (APCP) grants to its accredited organisational Members a royalty free non exclusive licence to use the APCP logo as follows.

The logo may only be used on the Organisational Member’s:

  • Letterhead  – the logo must be printed in a header or footer in the recommended size of 13 mm x 34 mm.

  • Promotional materials including brochures and marketing material in printed or electronic form, for promotional materials, the logo must be placed on the cover or front page in the recommended size of 13 mm x 34 mm. 

  • Website – the logo must appear on the home page in the recommended size of 26 mm x 68 mm.

  • Business card – Logo must appear on the face of the business card in the recommended size of 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm.

  • The logo must not be used on envelope.

The logo must not be used in a way which may cause a member of the public or other companies or organisations to believe that APCP endorses the activities of the Organisational Member or that the

Organisational Member is related to APCP.

Organisational Members should send a copy of all documents, or a link to all websites, on which the logo is placed to APCP for its records.


If APCP requests an Organisational Member to change the placement or use of the logo in any way at any time, the Organisational Member will make the change as soon as it is reasonably practical and inform APCP that it has done so. APCP is not liable to the Organisational Member for any costs incurred in complying with a request from APCP.


If the Organisational Member does not comply with a request from APCP, or uses the logo in a way which is
contrary APCP, or if it using the logo in a way which is contrary to guidelines set by APCP, then APCP refer the Organisational Member to The APCP Complaints Process.

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