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Gráinne Carmody


BA(Hons) Counselling/Psychotherapy & MA Clinical Supervision


Organization: APCP

Details of Approach

Therapy is provided in a safe, private and comfortable environment affording you the opportunity to work through issues and difficulties that are impacting on your life.  Skills are taught to incorporate into your everyday life to assist you in processing and working through presenting issues and difficulties as they arise.  I have over fifteen years experience working with teenagers, young adults and adults.

Clinical Supervision is offered to student therapists and qualified professionals. Clinical supervision is offered whereby students and/or practitioners are offered support, guidance and psychoeducation in a collaborative manner to ensure clients are receiving the appropriate and best care during and throughout their therapeutic engagement with you. Students/Practitioners are offered a safe and secure clinical supervision space to assist with continued professional development, growth and competence .

Principal Modality

Behavioural Therapies are the main modalities used, however as each client presenting is unique, your intake assessment session will assist in defining and confirming the appropriate therapy for you. A multi-modal approach can and will be used as required.

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