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Michelle Murphy


Doctor of Psychotherapy, MA Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy, BA (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy, PG. Cert. Clinical Supervision, Cert. Management, Cert. Occupational Testing



Details of Approach

My Therapeutic Approach
My personal and professional interest lie in brain health and individual meaning making
processes. Therefore, my therapeutic approach is a neuroscience informed Humanistic –
Existential approach. This is a relationship-based model that focuses on building awareness of
all the parts of ourselves (including our brains) and the world around us. By understanding how
our brains function and how our brain-body connection interacts with us and the world, we can
optimise our mental health and shape our lives in ways that are meaningful to us.

My Supervisory Approach
I view supervision as an individualised learning process and integrate a developmental model
of supervision with a reflective model of supervision to support this. This integrative model
facilitates exploratory and reflective conversations with supervisees and is individually tailored
to supervisees’ needs and practice, thus creating opportunities for supervisees to grow and

Principal Modality

Humanistic, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Existential Therapy, Brain Health, Neuroscience Informed Psychotherapy

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Mobile phone: 0879652850

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