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Mrs Sharon Kennedy



Organization: Inspire

Details of Approach

I see therapy as providing a supportive space where clients can be listened to and given time to feel and process difficulties. It can also offer clients a concentrated time to develop an increased awareness of their opportunities and choices despite the inevitable fluctuating human experience of joy and adversity. Consequently this can enable clients to courageously take responsibility for their lived experiences and move forwards with integrity and a more wholehearted understanding of their potential. Additionally, this can cultivate trust in themselves to be able to manoeuvre through difficult experiences in the future.

Principal Modality

As a counsellor I offer a safe space for clients to unfold, confront and process their challenges. I collaborate with clients to feel, explore and understand for themselves rather than providing the answers for them. Together we can pay attention to what is happening. Signs of struggles may manifest in diverse ways. For instance, clients may feel an increased feeling of being stuck, confused, angry or hopeless. They may experience a sense of diminished joy and a need to escape. Sometimes, we try and manage our issues with short term solutions that can leave us in increasingly unhelpful patterns of behaviour and conflict. Together we can understand more deeply what these patterns and experiences are revealing about you and your relationships. Furthermore, we can explore what you value and find meaningful in order to understand and reshape your relationship to being in the world with these elements in mind.

I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Level 6 in Training Delivery and Evaluation, Level 5 in Life and Workplace Coaching.
I have a specific interest in working within the short-term framework using a variety of counselling theories focusing on the individual's needs.

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