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Details of Approach

My approach is trauma-informed, and very much grounded in somatic awareness. I believe the more we can bring an inner coherence to our mind-emotions-body, the more we can digest the past that lives in us, and therefore align to the flow of the original developmental movement within us.
As Eugene Gendlin said: "the way one wants to change isn't just from one category to another... One wants to change precisely into oneself, into more of oneself than one has been able to be so far."

I also believe that a greater awareness of our ancestral and collective trauma can help us understand the water we swim in, and often struggle to name. As Thomas Hübl says “we have all been born into a collectively traumatized field and collective trauma needs collective healing.”

Principal Modality

The principal modality I am trained in is the neuroaffective relational model (NARM) for developmental and complex trauma.

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